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I am a very flexible person and I love to create and organize. I am a graphic designer and consultant in the Marketing sector.


With a lot of dedication and heart I have spent more than 10 years advising clients from different sectors, such as Coaching and Communication Agencies, Hospitality, Yoga Schools, Renewable Energies, etc.  


I have organized numerous events for the press of the automotive industry, the sports sector and various weddings. 



We organize events,  weddings and camps. We offer this service in Andalucia. 


Graphic design

All kinds of print media and online media.



Individual trips in Andalucia. An extraordinary trip, with unique special local tips.


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Nicole Münzinger



What do I do, what do I love

Traveling, organizing & designing that's what I love and live!


I have always liked to travel myself, I am interested in other countries, cultures and new contacts. I also care a lot about our environment, the sea, the climate change and the future of our children. For this reason I am also an active energy blogger and I created my own project with my daughter Nia.