Wake up and act

We care about the oceans!


Our seas are close to our hearts!



We are committed to climate protection and above all to our protect our oceans. 


The big love for the sea and water sports drives us more and more to treat it like a treasure. For us, one of the biggest gift on earth is the blue water, the sound of the waves, the unruly forces of nature. The feeling of gliding with a Windsurf Board over the water or surfing a wave. This makes us happy - day after day - and we don't want to lose it. 


The big blue is in DANGER!






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We are active members of the  NEREIDE foundation



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We support...

all handmade with love in Tarifa...

with the proceeds of our homemade articles, we help to protect the seas and preserve life...


  • Doorstop filled with rice
  • eco-friendly bags for fruit and vegetable shopping
  • Wooden signs made of driftwood, lettering on request
  • homemade muesli in a jar
  • Angels or whales on wood

*everything is recyeled. Mesh bags are  eco-friendly 

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Thanks for your support

We act...

Active beach cleaning


Every time we visit the beach we collect everything we find in the sand and in the water. Everything that is not blown into the sea by the wind is a piece of plastic less in the seas. 


There is a lot going on in Tarifa, but we need more support. 


Here you can learn more about dates and organizations in Tarifa:

Tarifa Limpia

Limpieamos Tarifa

Tarifa sin plastico



Watersport is good for body & soul!